About us

Green Panda Tea is a family business based in Bristol and The Forest Of Dean. We started our business back in 2018, with the simple aims of providing high quality loose leaf teas to our community, and creating a project which we can all work collaboratively on. Over the years we and our business have changed a lot, but something that has stayed consistent are our values, speaking of, here are the ones that really stand out to us:


Environmental sustainability


We aim to keep our packaging and materials as sustainable as we can, by making sure they are either fully recyclable or biodegradable, and we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our footprint.

Most of what you see on our market stall has been DIY upcycled; for example, our signage and shelving which we have hand-made. 


Physical and mental health


Something that we really love about tea is the connection to traditional medicine and the potential health benefits. On top of that we believe that taking a few minutes out of your day to slow down and brew a loose leaf cup of tea can be a meditative task in itself.




We built our business with no prior experience, and to be honest, not much of a plan either. Everything that we have created and that you experience with Green Panda Tea, from the customer service to the aesthetic & branding, is a reflection of our personalities.

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